I haven't prepared myself

for the immense sadness that is slowly taking over. I'm really going to miss London. Well, not London itself, but all of the people associated with it. I've made some amazing friends and am so grateful and honored to have them in my life. Without them I probably would've sunk during some really difficult moments in the past two years.

I'm also really sad that I'm done with school. I've been extremely excited to move on to the real world and get a job that I love, and now that all of this is happening... I'm sad. Matt has been telling me to take advantage of every opportunity I can while I'm in school because I may never have this musical bubble again. And he's right, as always. I think I've done a fair amount of things in the past two years, but I'm looking back and hoping that I didn't miss something that I may never get to experience in the future.

One non-sad bit of my life: I bought some Toms and I love them. I highly recommend you go get a pair. Yes, you.


the final countdown.

As I head towards the end of my masters degree, I'm feeling a cyclone of emotions. There are so many transitional things going on all at once, I have been struggling to juggle all of them. Unfortunately, when stress bombards me from all directions, my mind and body start to shut down. I, luckily, have this wonderful boyfriend to help keep me in check. His "gentle" reminders that my recital is in a week have been prodding my back into reality.

What I'd like to focus on is moving to New York City in 8 days, aka 2 short days after my recital. I still have to pack (and get boxes to be able to pack), decide what I'm taking, tossing, and giving to Good Will, and finalize subleasing things.

The fact that I have a brand new apartment just waiting for me to move into is more than a bit distracting. I'm so excited because it's only 2 blocks away from Matt! I have been having these day dreams about the reality of it all. No more annoying dropped Skype calls. No more 10 hour drives that turn into 14 because I lock my keys in my car at a random gas station in upstate New York. No more driving back and forth to Buffalo to drop off/pick up Matt from the airport. If I want, I can call Matt and then walk 10 minutes to see him IN PERSON. Amazing.

As far as money goes, I decided that I'd like to know where I'm working before I move to NY. This is proving to be difficult. I have 2 potential jobs lined up. After a very strange job interview situation at Anthropologie, I just received an email that I've moved onto the next round of interviews. For me, this will be round 3. I don't know how many rounds there are, but really, I'd like to be done after this one. I also applied at Club Monaco and was interviewed on the spot. The manager seems great, but I have to wait until I hear from them. When I get into town, there is one more place that I am going to apply at, and then I will wait. My goal- start working the first week I'm in NY. No time like the present...

And at the present time, I should be focusing on my recital. Tuesday, April 27th, 2pm, Von Kuster Hall. Please come if you're available. If not, that's ok, too.