o canada...

i love canada. i like the school. i like my townhouse. i like my roommate. i like the people. even though there's tons of stuff to like, i miss my "home." but, won't i always miss my home?

there's a lot of stuff going on right now. it makes me want to leave and go do other things that seem more important that school right now. (scott, my roommate, says that i'm a free spirit. i don't belive it) i like school. i like canada. and i worked hard to get where i am. i am doing more playing that i love and am learning so much, but i'd feel fine with putting it all aside to go help other people who need me right now. i need to find some internal balance. currently, i feel balanced-ish. but then i ask myself, "will i ever feel completely balanced?" the answer i always come back to is no, so i move onto other things. is there such a thing as having a completely balanced life? where everything feels settled in correctly? and if so, would that actually make me content with everything? there has always been a certain amount of drama in my life. as much as i strive for a drama-free existence, truthfully, i'd probably be bored without it. not that i wish it upon myself. enough deep contemplation for today.

i'm going to a pot-luck tomorrow :) what to make, what to make? i'm really excited because it reminds me of the potlucks i used to go to in summers with some good friends. those days seem like forever ago. i'm getting old.